Don’t Be Scared by the Thought of Meeting CMS Requirements!

We’re drawing near to the end of October. That means that Halloween and the spooky season are upon us! With ghastly decorations popping up around the neighborhood, haunted houses scattered throughout town, and scary movie marathons playing on television, it’s no wonder there’s a creepy chill in the air. However, if you are dealing with […]

5 Ways to Improve HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment

Having accurate HCC coding is extremely important for many reasons. Not only does it affect healthcare outcomes, but it can also have an impact on your bottom line. Wondering how you can improve HCC coding and risk adjustment accuracy? Keep reading to learn more about improving HCC coding accuracy. Create an accurate list of problems […]

Do You Need a Coding Job? HCC Coders is Hiring!

In today’s tough job market, are you looking for a job? The good news is that HCC Coders is always looking for qualified individuals to join our team! Keep reading to learn more about HCC Coders, what we do, and what type of candidates we are looking for. Who is HCC Coders and what do […]

Back to School: HCC Coding 101 for Beginners

As fall hits and kids across the country go back to school, whether it be virtually or physically in the classroom, it’s important to remember that we’re never too old to keep learning. That is why HCC Coders is bringing you back to school with HCC Coding 101 for Beginners! What is HCC coding? HCC […]

COVID-19 and HCC Coding – Your FAQs Addressed

Are you wondering how COVID-19 is affecting ICD-10-CM codes? There is a lot to take into consideration and thankfully, HCC Coders is here to break it down for you! What is the ICD-10-CM code for COVID-19? There are a few different codes that you should be aware of regarding ICD-10-CM codes and COVID-19. ICD-10-CM code […]

What is HCC Coding and Why Is It Important?

If you are a health plan you need to have at least a basic understanding of what HCC coding is. However, the topic can actually be pretty complex and confusing, especially if you are new to the field. Thankfully, HCC Coders is here to help. With over years of experience, we know the ins and […]

Looking for a Job? HCC Coders is Hiring!

Are you looking for a job as a certified coding professional? The good news is that HCC Coders is hiring! What is HCC Coders and what do we do? At HCC Coders, we offer a variety of services to help health plan providers comply with CMS coding requirements. From the validation of ICD-10 diagnosis coders […]

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our HCC Coding Services

Are you struggling to submit your coding to comply with CMS coding requirements? If so, you should bring HCC Coders in to assist. Why is HCC coding important? You might think that HCC coding is not all that important, but you would be wrong. In fact, HCC coding has a direct impact on your bottom […]

How Can the Team at HCC Coders Help Me?

Are you a health plan provider or healthcare organization that needs help with medical coding? If so, HCC Coders may be able to help! HCC Coders Offers Help With HCC Coding Do you need help with your HCC coding? Are you struggling with ICD-10 codes, the inclusion of Part C and Part D coding in […]

The Importance of ICD-10-CM Coding

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) HCC risk adjustment model looks at previous data to determine the patient cost for the following year. Health plans are paid a higher patient per month amount for those patients that have chronic or severe illnesses. That is where ICD-10-CM coding comes into play. What is ICD-10-CM […]