Be Thankful for HCC Coders When You Fall Behind on Your Coding – We’re Thankful for You!

It’s November and that means one thing—it’s almost Thanksgiving! While there is plenty to be thankful about—family, health, friends, a roof over your head, the delicious meal that’s coming up next week—it’s also a time to reflect on life. This time of year—and actually the entire year—HCC Coders is thankful for our amazing clients who allow us […]

Your Frequently Asked Questions for HCC Coders Answered!

HCC codes are not always easy to understand. Neither is the services offered by HCC Coders. If you are wondering what HCC Coders actually does and how we can help your health plan excel, keep reading for answers to your frequently asked questions. What can HCC Coders do for me? At HCC Coders, we pride […]

Back to School: HCC Coding 101

Fall is finally here! That means a few things; cooling temperatures, the return of football, and that school is back in session. Are you secretly jealous of your children and their crock of new school supplies and fresh new text books? If so, take a step back from the new History textbook and take a deep breath. […]

Trust the Premier HCC Coding Services Provided by HCC Coders

Coding activities might not be the most glamourous of your business operations, but it is essential that they are taken seriously. If you need help with your coding, trust HCC Coders to get the job done right. What does HCC Coders offer? At HCC Coders, we offer a full range of services to health plan providers that […]

Looking for a Medical Coding Job? HCC Coders in Hiring!

Aer you a certified coder that is looking to get a bit more out of your job? Has it simply become monotonous? Do you need more flexibility? Are you having issues with coworkers or a supervisor? Or, maybe you’ve been staying home and want to get back into the workforce. If so, why not consider […]

HCC Coding – Are You Doing it Right at Your Facility?

HCC Coding is an important factor when it comes to staying above the red, but there are many facilities that are struggling to stay on top of it. Have you been wondering if your facility is doing HCC coding properly at your facility? Why are HCC Codes important? When doing anything, it’s important to know […]

What is HCC Coding? How the Risk Adjustment Model Works

Medical coding is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for decades. What has changed, is the way coding is done and how the systems interplay. HCCs are important for the bottom line of health plans and it’s important to treat them as a priority instead of an obligatory hassle. What is HCC Coding? HHC, […]

Common Mistakes That Medical Coders Make and How to Stop Them

Even all-star employees make mistakes. Unfortunately, in the medical coding industry, mistakes can be costing you money. Here are four common mistakes that you are making, and how to prevent them from re-occurring: Mistake #1: There are Details Missing Another common coding denial stems from coders picking the wrong codes based on established or newer […]

Understanding Medical Coding with HCC Coders

Medical coding is an extremely important aspect of the medical industry. It might seem like a waste of time and money, but medical coding has a variety of benefits aside from the claims process. Medical Coding – What is it? The simple explanation of medical coding is thinking of it as a translation. Doctor’s all […]

Looking to Earn Some Extra Money After Valentine’s Day?

The month of February is almost over. 2018 is flying by in a whir and before you know it, we’ll be in 2019! Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it’s time to take a moment and celebrate the great start to 2018. If you were lucky enough to get amidnight kiss on New Year’s, […]