Although often overlooked, coding is an integral part of the healthcare industry. Coding is vital to the industry as it ensures that patients’ diagnoses are properly documented and that healthcare providers are paid for the work that they perform. Healthcare providers use medical coding every day to record symptoms, conditions, diseases, medications that patients are taking, surgeries that are performed, and other aspects of medical care.

Because coding is such an important part of the industry, it is critical that it is always performed as accurately as possible. The founder of HCC Coders had been in the medical records business for almost 20 years when he recognized that there was a major void in the industry. Time and time again he saw healthcare organizations employing under-qualified coders who were in turn performing poor coding work. He decided that there needed to be a market place where healthcare providers could connect with the most proficient coders in the industry in order to produce the best results for all parties involved. And thus, HCC Coders was born.

Today, HCC Coders is a leader in the medical coding industry and we strive to improve coding quality across the nation. HCC Coders has helped many healthcare providers and coders form strong working relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are committed to the customers that we serve and are always looking to better our services. If you are interested in any aspect of the HCC coding process, please contact us today to learn more information.

Mark Holman