How Can the Team at HCC Coders Help Me?

Are you a health plan provider or healthcare organization that needs help with medical coding? If so, HCC Coders may be able to help! HCC Coders Offers Help With HCC Coding Do you need help with your HCC coding? Are you struggling with ICD-10 codes, the inclusion of Part C and Part D coding in […]

The Importance of ICD-10-CM Coding

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) HCC risk adjustment model looks at previous data to determine the patient cost for the following year. Health plans are paid a higher patient per month amount for those patients that have chronic or severe illnesses. That is where ICD-10-CM coding comes into play. What is ICD-10-CM […]

Do You Need Help With Your Coding Process? HCC Coders Can Help!

HCC coding is an essential task for any health plan provider. Thankfully, if you are struggling with your coding, HCC Coders is here to help! Who is HCC Coders and how can they help me? HCC Coders is a division of Datafied that can help you comply with various CMS requirements for coding and submissions. […]

Let HCC Coders Improve Your Coding Process

Coding is essential in the medical industry. If you are struggling to put out accurate coding or are wondering if you’re failing to maximize your reimbursements from Medicare Advantage, HCC Coders can help! Who is HCC Coders? HCC Coders is a company that specializes in offering coding services to the healthcare industry. We know how […]

HCC Coding 101: Understanding Basic Definitions

It can be pretty difficult to adhere to CMS requirements for coding and reimbursement submissions. With so much to take into consideration and so many acronyms and terms to learn, do you feel your head spinning? Want to learn more about HCC coding? Keep reading to learn more about the basic terms used in the […]

Do You Need Help Complying with CMS Coding Requirements?

At HCC Coders, we know how difficult it can be to comply with CMS coding requirements. That is why we connect health plan providers serving the Medicare Advantage populations with our quality certified codes. With our help, you can not only improve the speed and accuracy of your coding work but can also rest assured […]

Looking for Some Extra Cash for Spring Break?

Its spring and that means that spring break trips are coming up! However, these trips aren’t exactly cheap. If you are looking for some extra cash to make your spring break trip the best it can be, you should consider joining the team at HCC Coders. Who is HCC Coders and what type of work […]

Is Your Medical Billing Coding Accurate?

Medical billing is extremely important for all medical practices. Medical costs are increasing and insurance companies are paying increasingly more attention to the medical billing codes that are coming across their desk. Medical billing errors don’t just affect patients, they can also hurt the credibility and reputability of a medical practice, as well as profitability. […]

In-depth, Focused Retrospective Chart Reviews

Medical coding involves multiple steps and accurate coding. In order to appropriately code medical information, coders must be experienced and understand the detailed oriented role of reviewing patient medical charts. Medical coding is the translation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal alphanumeric codes. The medical information such as the patient diagnosis, […]

Begin 2020 Right With Help From HCC Coders

It’s the new year and everyone is looking for ways to improve themselves and start the year on the right path. Many people are making new year’s resolution to lose weight, eat better, or focus more on themselves. As a medical institution looking for ways for improvement in the coming year, improving your coding processes […]