Medical billing coding errors can be costly

Medical billing is an important part of any medical practice. Medical care is expensive and it’s becoming increasing difficult for patients to pay their bills due to rising medical cost. Not only is medical cost increasing, the health insurance companies are paying much closer attention to the medical care that is billed to insurance. Medical […]

A Network Defined

What is a network? A network can be defined in multiple ways. When referring to a computing network, it is a group of two or more electronic devices that can communicate through connected physical and/or wireless connections. The computer networks allow individuals to share information and resources. A network can also refer to a complex […]

Need Extra Cash for the Holidays?

Are you a medical coder with knowledge and experience as a HCC coder? If you are, then look no further! We are always looking for quality HCC coders to join our team and network for coders. With the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays upon us, having extra cash will be helpful for gifts this year! […]

Improve Your Medical Coding With HCC Coders

As the health care environment evolves, changes and becomes more complicated, coding medical information is now more difficult than ever. Not fully understanding or staying up to date with medical coding will lead to significant loss in reimbursement and revenues. Do not let your health care institution or organization suffer from not meeting the bottom […]

Medical Coding Errors and Omissions

Accurate medical coding is important for many reasons. Having correct medical coding will ensure appropriate reimbursement for medical services provided. There are many times of billing errors that can occur. Here are some examples of common medical billing errors and coding errors. Types of Medical Coding Errors Upcoding can occur when medical billing code is […]

ICD-10 Coding

What is ICD-10 Coding? ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases and is a medical classification list by the World Health Organization. The United States is not the only country to utilize the ICD-10 codes. The United States utilizes its own variant of the ICD-10 coding classification. The National Center for Health Statistics is responsible […]

Our Awesome Network of Certified Coders

HCC Coders is a business that provides premier coding services to health care plans. Coding may not be a glamorous operation, but it is important that it is completed accurately. HCC Coders are experts in offering services in medical record retrieval, in-depth focused retrospective chart reviews, validation of ICD 10 diagnosis codes, highlighting key coding […]

HCC Coders Provide Quality Coding Services

It is often disregarded, but coding is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Appropriate coding ensures proper documentation and that healthcare providers are reimbursed for the work they perform. Medical coding allows for recording of symptoms, conditions, diseases, medications, surgeries, and other aspects of medical care. Since coding is so integral, it is critical […]

How to become a medical coder

Medical coding is taking medical reports and documents and translating them into sets of codes and data. The things that get coded are stuff like the patient conditions, diagnosis, medications, treatments, and procedures. Due to the huge amount of information in the medical documents it makes it impossible for consistency in how the information is […]

HCC coding for physicians

HCC coding is a risk adjustment model that is used to calculate risk scores to predict health care costs for reimbursement. HCC stands for Hierarchical Categorical Condition and implemented by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2000. Physicians should be aware of the coding system and understand how it is used in order to […]