The Benefits of Adding an Experienced HCC Coder to Your Team

The Benefits of Adding an Experienced HCC Coder to Your Team

Adding an experienced HCC coder to your team has a litany of positive benefits. Don’t delay, hire an experienced coder from HCC Coder today!

Why does HCC coding matter?

You might think HCC coding is not a big deal, but it greatly impacts your bottom line. In order to obtain full reimbursements for Medicare Advantage, your coding needs to be up to date and accurate. With your bottom line at stake, don’t you think HCC coding should be a priority?

Can someone help with HCC coding?

If you are looking help with your HCC coding tasks, there is help out there! Since 1993, HCC Coders has been providing assistance to health plan providers looking to obtain full reimbursements from Medicare Advantage. As a division of Datafied, a top-rated document management and retrieval company, you can rest assured that HCC Coders will get the job done right. We hire only the most experienced and professional coders, ensuring you get accurate and timely results.

What can HCC Coders help with?

For those looking for assistance with HCC coding, you need to turn to the experts at HCC Coders. Not only can we conduct audits of already completed work to check for accuracy and areas of improvement, but we can also provide in-depth focused retrospective chart reviews. In addition, we can also validate ICD 10 diagnosis codes in medical records, include Part C and Part D coding in HCC data capture, and conduct prospective risk adjustment coding.

Do I need to have office space to bring in HCC Coders?

One of the great things about working with HCC Coders is that our experienced coding professionals can work remotely through our proprietary HCC Navigator software. That means you do not need to provide space in your office for additional coders. We will work remotely through the platform, ensuring that you get quality coding services without having your day to day operations impacted.

Looking for assistance with HCC coding at your health plan? HCC Coders offers help with HCC coding tasks.

HCC coding is no easy task, especially since you need to stay up to date with various CMS requirements and tight submission deadlines. Let’s face it, as important as HCC coding is, it is certainly not always easy to comply with. That is where HCC Coders comes into the picture. Our quality HCC coding services range from partial audits to full outsourcing of HCC coding tasks.

What sets HCC Coders apart from the competition, aside from our stellar reputation and network of experienced coding professionals, is our proprietary software. Through HCC Navigator, our professional coders can work remotely, which means we’ll stay out of your way while taking your Medicare Advantage reimbursements to the next level. To get started, contact HCC Coders at 877-328-2343 or today!