Our Awesome Network of Certified Coders

Our Awesome Network of Certified Coders

HCC Coders is a business that provides premier coding services to health care plans. Coding may not be a glamorous operation, but it is important that it is completed accurately. HCC Coders are experts in offering services in medical record retrieval, in-depth focused retrospective chart reviews, validation of ICD 10 diagnosis codes, highlighting key coding errors and omissions, physician chart audit summary reports, and identification of opportunities for coding improvement and education. Our HCC Coders are meticulous in what they do and know the importance of appropriate coding. We find the best highly qualified HCC Coders to join our team.

Network of Coders

HCC Coders have an exclusive network of expert certified coders and medical professionals. We strive to bring together qualified coding professionals with healthcare organizations and health plan groups. Our online site provides a platform where clients can locate and hire experienced and certified HCC Coders from our network. As a business looking to hire a HCC Coder, look no further than our impressive network. Trust that our HCC Coders will perform top quality coding to fulfill your coding needs. Relying on our network of HCC Coders lead to more accurate and quicker submissions. We can also help identify issues or missed HCCs before getting submitted.

What sets HCC Coders apart?

Aside from our Network of HCC Coders, HCC Coders is different than the rest of the industry because of our proprietary software called HCC Navigator. The software allows for more efficient coding activities. It also enables for outsourcing of coding services. With access to coding activities available to you and our coders, there is improved collaboration and efficiency in operations.

Let HCC Coders Partner With You For Your Coding Needs

HCC Coders has been providing coding assistance to health plan representatives since 1993. If you need an overview or audit of your current coding projects or want to completely outsource your coding tasks, our network of HCC Coders has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Our certified coders will make sure that you get the maximum reimbursements that you are entitled to. To learn more about the services we offer and how our extensive network of HCC Coders, visit us at HCC Coders. If you are ready to get started to have HCC Coders work for you, contact us at 877-328-2343 today.