ICD 9 Coding in San Bernardino CA

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ICD 9 coding in San Bernardino CA is a vital activity for health plan providers because it supports the risk adjustment activities required by the CMS. HCC Coders can help with this process. We provide the expert medical coders and the secure software that health plan providers need to correctly capture ICD 9 diagnosis codes and secure reimbursements from Medicare Advantage.

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By helping health care organizations to quickly and easily find qualified medical coding professionals, HCC Coders takes the burden of struggling to keep up with ICD 9 coding in San Bernardino CA off of your shoulders. Simply send us a description of your needs, and we’ll match you with experts from our network. Our coders are fully trained and kept up to date with the latest ICD 9 coding requirements, so you don’t have to invest any time in training. We are happy to provide a single coder, a whole team, or complete outsourced coding services.

ICD 9 Coding Software in San Bernardino CA

HCC Navigator, our web-based software application, provides clients with a user-friendly platform for completing ICD 9 coding in San Bernardino CA using their coders or ours, or a combination of the two. With HCC Navigator, approved users are able to edit and review patient charts and documents from virtually anywhere via a secure internet portal. This helps coders and plan providers to collaborate efficiently, ensure the most accurate and timely filings possible, and maximize reimbursements.

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