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Over the past year or so, many health care providers have been racing to get their staff up to date on ICD 10 codes, only to have the deadline for using ICD 10 keep getting pushed back. This may leave your staff understandably confused and cause delays in the code submission process. Luckily, expert help is at hand. All you have to do is make HCC Coders your HCC coding vendor in Raleigh NC. You can get both the staff and the software needed to produce fast and accurate code submissions from HCC Coders.

Benefits of Using Our Coders

You can choose to use HCC Coders to connect with coders that you then hire on as part of your own part time or full time staff, or else use us as your HCC coding vendor in Raleigh NC, outsourcing your prospective and retrospective risk adjustment activities to us entirely. In any case, you will be able to:

  • Adapt Easily to Workflow Volume Changes: Using our extensive database of pre-screened and pre-approved coders, you can quickly and easily add extra staff on a part time or full time basis during busy periods.
  • Avoid Training Delays:Because our coders are already experienced in ICD 10 and up to date on the latest changes in Medicare billing, they can get straight to work on your project without any delays for training.
  • Eliminate HR Costs: Why waste time and money on your own HR processes when you can contact your HCC coding vendor in Raleigh NC and instantly gain access to a list of pre-approved coders ready to start work right away?

Benefits of Using Our Software

We offer our proprietary software, HCC Navigator, to all of our clients, whether you are using our coders or your own. This software lets you:

  • Enable Remote Coding: Our software enables you to connect with offsite coders via a secure online portal, making it easier to get the experienced coding help you need regardless of geographical location.
  • Ensure Accurate Coding: Completed codes can be audited on a chart by chart basis within the software to ensure accuracy.
  • Generate Code Submissions: Our software is kept up to date with the latest code submission guidelines so you never have to worry about incorrect formatting affecting your reimbursements.

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