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Our ICD 10 coders in Las Vegas NV help you adapt to new coding requirements

The advent of the new ICD 10 codes means a lot of work for coding professionals, because there are tens of thousands of new codes to learn and utilize. HCC Coders can help by connecting health plan providers with expert ICD 10 coders in Las Vegas NV who are already familiar with the new codes and ready to assist with the transition. Using the new codes will help everyone because the new codes were created for the purpose of:

  • Modernizing the entire code set
  • Ensuring consistency in terminology
  • Allowing for unique coding of inpatient hospital procedures
  • Enabling reporting of laterality in diagnosis (right vs. left arm, eye, kidney, etc.)
  • Providing significant room for expansion, allowing for the code set to incorporate new procedures and devices

Find Expert ICD 10 Coders in Las Vegas NV

Health plan providers can secure the precise level of support they need for ICD 10 coding in Las Vegas NV from HCC Coders. We can offer clients a few supplemental coders, an entire coding staff, or complete outsourced coding services. No matter how many of our ICD 10 coders in Las Vegas NV you need, we can provide true experts you can really rely on. Because our coding professionals are already fully trained in ICD 10 coding, they can start producing highly accurate chart abstractions immediately, connecting ICD 10 codes to the HCC codes that will get you your Medicare Advantage reimbursements.

Use Our Software to Improve ICD 10 Coding in Las Vegas NV

Our expert ICD 10 coders in Las Vegas NV can produce even more accurate and speedy work if you have them use our proprietary software, HCC Navigator. HCC Navigator has been specifically designed to facilitate data sharing during the coding process without sacrificing patient privacy. It is totally secure and also provides helpful quality control mechanisms.

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