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The transition to ICD 10 coding, which will more than quadruple the number of codes describing various conditions and treatments, has many health care providers justifiably nervous. If you want to ensure a smooth transition to ICD 10, get help from HCC Coders. We are an experienced HCC coding vendor in Irvine CA that can handle current ICD 9 needs and future ICD 10 needs. At HCC Coders, we provide both the staff and the tools you need to facilitate accurate coding.

Benefits of Using Our Coders

At HCC Coders, we offer the option to let us handle all coding staff selection and supervision as your HCC coding vendor in Irvine CA, or to hire your own staff through us. Either way, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Adapt Easily to Workflow Volume Changes: At HCC Coders, we maintain an extensive list of pre-screened and pre-qualified HCC coding professionals. This makes it easy for health plan providers to quickly get the new coders they need to adapt to increased coding loads.
  • Avoid Training Delays:We make sure our coders stay up to date on the latest changes to Medicare billing so they are ready to hit the ground running on your project. This includes learning the thousands of new codes for ICD 10.
  • Eliminate HR Costs: As your HCC coding vendor in Irvine CA, we handle recruiting and hiring so you don’t have to. You can skip straight to getting the perfect staff for the job.

Benefits of Using Our Software

Our proprietary software, HCC Navigator, is available to all of our clients. Benefits of using our software include:

  • Enable Remote Coding: HCC Navigator provides a secure platform for transferring charts and completed coding from your staff to ours, helping to keep work organized and on time even when using offsite coders.
  • Ensure Accurate Coding: HCC Navigator has robust quality control features that allow your staff to review codes on a chart by chart basis to ensure a high level of accuracy.
  • Generate Code Submissions: Our software is kept up to date with the latest code submission guidelines so you never have to worry about incorrect formatting affecting your reimbursements.

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