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HCC Coders provides the staff & software health plan providers need for fast & accurate HCC Coding in Ann Arbor MI

HCC coding in Ann Arbor MI has been a vital activity for health plan providers serving Medicare Advantage populations since 2004. Missing annual code submission deadlines can result in a 6-month gap in reimbursement revenue for health plan providers, so naturally it’s important to keep up with coding tasks. HCC Coders can help.

Get Expert HCC Coding in Ann Arbor MI

HCC coding can be complicated, because there are thousands of ICD 9 and ICD 10 diagnosis codes, and these codes must be entered correctly in order to support the selection of the proper HCC categorization code. Obviously it’s important to have the best HCC coding professionals working on your charts in order to make sure that all the work is done right. HCC Coders takes pride in providing the top-quality coders you expect and deserve. All of our coders are pre-screened and fully trained in HCC coding services. Hire as many or as few of our coders are you need. Our coders can help with all aspects of HCC coding in Ann Arbor MI including:

  • Complete and accurate abstraction of codes from all types of charts
  • Validation of ICD 9 and ICD 10 diagnosis codes with medical records
  • Retrospective risk adjustment
    • Code validation
    • Error checks
    • Part C and Part D coding
  • Prospective risk adjustment
    • Prospective annual visit forms
    • Improved submission speed and accuracy
  • Updates on changes in coding and reporting regulations

Our HCC Coding Software

Organizing charts, abstractions, and code submissions can be a real challenge, especially if you’re struggling to adapt to a sudden increase in your volume of HCC coding in Ann Arbor MI. Fortunately, HCC Coders offers a simple, user-friendly software interface that can streamline your workflow, provide the opportunity for monitoring and oversight, and help you and your coders work together more effectively. Contact us to learn more about how our HCC Navigator software can help you with HCC and ICD 10 coding, even if you don’t hire any coders from us.

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