How to become a medical coder

How to become a medical coder

Medical coding is taking medical reports and documents and translating them into sets of codes and data. The things that get coded are stuff like the patient conditions, diagnosis, medications, treatments, and procedures. Due to the huge amount of information in the medical documents it makes it impossible for consistency in how the information is reported. Coding permits uniformity in the information and allows for trends and tracking to be done, such as on the prevalence of certain diseases and effectiveness of healthcare facilities. If you’re interested in become a medical coder, continue reading.

Tips on becoming a medical coder

  1. Get an education. You need to first complete and graduate from high school. Obtaining your high school diploma serves as a base towards your next steps. Most medical coders have an undergraduate degree and some even have their masters. But getting a bachelors and masters degree are not always necessary.
  2. Complete career-specific program. Many times medical coders complete a career-specific program that can be done in 2 years or less. The programs teach basic medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and health information laws and regulations. You will also learn and understand the language and procedure of coding medical documents. You may also be required to participate in hands-on activities, such as participating in practicums and internships, as part of the program.
  3. Obtain certification. Once you finish your program, you can get specialized certifications to provide you with additional expertise. Getting certified demonstrates your competency and dedication to quality medical coding. Examples of specialty certifications include certified professional coder (CPC), certified outpatient coder (COC), certified risk adjustment coder (CRC), and certified inpatient coder (CIC).
  4. Get a job! Getting your education and credentials are great, but you need an actual job so you can start coding. HCC Coders is always looking for qualified medical coders. We offer ICD-10 and HCC coding services, along with coding improvement strategies and education, in-depth chart reviews, prospective and retrospective risk adjustments, access to the latest HCC coding software, and medical records retrieval.

Work with HCC Coders

If you’re a seasoned medical coder or just starting in your career, we are always looking to hire great coders. We offer more flexibility and work from home opportunities for medical coders. Simply visit us online to submit your application. If you’re ready to join a great team of coders, then reach out today!