What does HCC stand for in our name, HCC Coders?

Flexible work schedule

What does HCC stand for in our name, HCC Coders?If you’re an experienced coder and you’d rather not work in a hospital or other medical office, consider joining the HCC Coders medical coding team. Working from home or from another location of your choice can provide enormous benefits in terms of your work/life balance and having time for what’s most important in your life, whether that be raising kids, sports participation, travel, or whatever your heart desires.
As you consider applying to join HCC Coders, you might be wondering what “HCC” stands for, and what HCC Coders is all about as a company.

HCC stands for Hierarchical Condition Category.

It refers to a system of medical coding used by insurance companies to determine patients’ future medical needs for the next year. Only life altering medical conditions are recorded in medical coding, such as a diabetes diagnosis, end stage renal disease, and others. HCC Coders only uses ICD-9-CM codes, which is the most commonly used system of medical coding in US. 12 Error and omission codes, known as EO codes, are appended to the medical coding documentation when necessary.
This system of medical coding allows insurance companies to predict how much money will need to be allotted for certain people in the coming year. That’s why it’s extremely essential for medical coding to be done with complete accuracy and consistency.

HCC Coders requirements

At HCC Coders, we only hire the best medical coders in the US. We prefer candidates who have a minimum of 5 years of medical coding experience, and all our coders must pass a pre-employment exam to be accepted onto our medical coding team. Just about all of our coders work from home, including instructors and auditors. Coders must all hold current coding certifications and have high accuracy ratings to ensure they can deliver excellent medical coding service. Candidates must also have plenty of experience using the Microsoft suite, such as Excel, Outlook, and more.

Qualitative requirements

Coders must also have a strong worth ethic and excellent people skills. We want to make sure you’ll always treat clients and co-workers courteously and respectfully every moment you’re working for HCC Coders. And we hope you’ll be an invaluable part of our team for many more years to come.
We are committed to delivering meticulous coding services to all our clients, and each one of our coder is an important part of that effort. Applying to join our team is fast, easy, and free—apply today!
For more information about HCC Coders and to find out how you can apply to join our team, call 877-328-2343, email info@datafied.com, or use this online form to send in your resume right away.