Start 2019 Off Right by Adding HCC Coders to Your Team

Start 2019 Off Right by Adding HCC Coders to Your Team

It’s 2019! That means the gyms are flooded with people, “new year, new me” is a saying that is flooding every social media platform, and it’s time to start planning for what you want to make of 2019. If you are looking to improve your coding processes and maximize reimbursements, you might want to consider bringing the experts at HCC Coders in to help.

Who is HCC Coders?

HCC Coders is a division of Datafied that offers health plan providers assistance with their coding practices. We know the challenges that health plan providers face when it comes to CMS coding and submission requirements and we strive to make this process easier, more efficient and accurate for you. By providing health plan providers with experienced, certified coders we help you maximize reimbursements and improve the accuracy of your coding activities.

How can HCC Coders assist me?

At HCC Coders we connect certified coders with health plan providers. Our exclusive network of coders has the knowledge and experience necessary to help with a variety of tasks. Not only can our coders assist with those serving Medicare Advantage populations, but we can also assist with medical record retrieval. In addition, we can provide in-depth retrospective chart reviews, validation of ICD-10 diagnosis codes, and Part C and Part D coding in HCC data capture. Whatever your coding needs, trust HCC Coders to help you maximize reimbursements.

How does HCC Coders access our data?

HCC Coders actually utilizes a proprietary software called HCC Navigator. Our software platform allows approved users the ability to access, view, edit, and audit medical records. This means both you and our coders can review the documents and respective codes without having our coders take up any office space. HCC Navigator not only streamlines the coding process, but it also allows faster turnaround and better accuracy.

Can HCC Coders work with my in-house coders?

Yes! Utilizing the services of HCC Coders does not require you to push your current coders out the door. By using HCC Navigator, our coders and yours can easily work together to improve the entire coding process. If you are interested, you can also have HCC Coders audit the work of your current coders to discover if there are any areas for improvement.

Contact HCC Coders Today to Bring in the Experts!

If you want to really make the most out of HCC Coders, all you need to do is contact us at 877-328-2343 or! We will be happy to work with you and connect you with our network of certified coders. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get you started on the path to maximizing your reimbursements and improving your coding processes. Whether you are looking to have your coding process audited or want to outsource everything, HCC Coders is here to help!