Professional HCC Coding Services For You

Professional HCC Coding Services For You

Knowledgeable and qualified HCC Coders are essential to successful risk adjustments coding for plans that serve Medicare Advantage populations. The professionals at HCC Coders at experienced in the field and are eager to help you get the maximum reimbursements. We offer a suite of services to meet your HCC coding needs. Let’s take a look at what HCC Coders can do for you.

HCC Coding Services

Here at HCC Coders, we are committed to providing the best coding services. Using the established guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, our coders can perform abstraction of HCC codes within all types of patient chart documentation and medical records. We offer certified coders for your in-house use. You will know that you are getting a highly qualified HCC coder without investing extra time and money in finding one. We also provide access to the latest HCC coding software to streamline the process and are equipped to handle completely all your coding activities. Our HCC coders can furthermore highlight any key coding or documentation errors or omissions during our reviews to ensure you can maximize your compensations. We are skilled in including Medicare Part C and Part D coding in the HCC data capture as well. You can rest assure that all your HCC coding needs can be fulfilled by us.

Additional HCC Services

Additionally, we provide medical record retrieval services, in-depth retrospective chart reviews, and validation of ICD 10 diagnosis codes. A service we also offer is a report of physician chart audit summaries to assist you. As the HCC coding landscape changes, we continue to identify opportunities for coding improvements and education to provide you.

Quality HCC Coders

We have an exclusive network of certified coders and medical professionals that are available to assist you with your HCC coding needs. All HCC coders are professional and highly qualified with years of experience. As a plan client, you will be able to access the platform to go locate and hire our skilled and knowledgeable HCC coders in the network.

If you are looking for help with your HCC coding needs, don’t wait any longer. Trust the experts at HCC Coders to assist you with your coding. Know that you will be receiving quality-coding services with our certified coders. Contact us at 877-328-2343 to learn more about how we can serve you!