Hire HCC Coders in Portland OR

Hire HCC Coders in Portland OR to help maximize reimbursements

If you want to ensure your health care organization secures the maximum possible reimbursements from Medicare Advantage, you need to be certain that your HCC coding gets done accurately and on time. Some experts estimate that the average organization could increase its reimbursements 20 percent by improving its coding processes. At HCC Coders, we make it easy to maximize your reimbursements. Hire HCC Coders in Portland OR for expert assistance with a complete range of activities including:

  • Complete abstraction of codes from all types of charts
  • Code validation
  • Error checks
  • Part C and Part D coding
  • Prospective annual visit forms
  • Identification of opportunities for coding improvement and education

Hiring Options

There are several ways for you to hire HCC Coders in Portland OR:

  • As a Staffing Company: We can provide access to our pool of pre-screened coding professionals so you can hire the full time or part time staff you need without going through your own cumbersome HR processes.
  • As a Software Provider:Whether you use our coders or your own, we can provide access to our proprietary software to facilitate the transfer of charts and finished code submissions between health care staff and offsite coders.
  • As a Full Service Coding Vendor:You can also contract out all of your HCC coding activities to us. Hire HCC Coders in Portland OR and never have to worry about training coders or scheduling their workloads again.

Let Us Ease Your Transition to ICD 10

During the transition to ICD 10, it’s more than likely that there will be some hiccups that may result in conditions and treatments getting miscoded or missed entirely. You can make great strides towards protecting yourself from this sort of data loss by hiring HCC Coders. When you hire HCC Coders in Portland OR, you get access to our pre-trained staff that is already up to date on ICD 10. There will be no learning curve when you use our coders to handle ICD 10 coding.

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