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ICD 9 coding in Las Vegas NV is a vital activity for health plan providers because it supports the risk adjustment activities required by the CMS. Health plan providers who work with HCC Coders on ICD 9 coding will find it much easier to keep up with coding demands, hit their annual deadlines, and receive maximum reimbursements from Medicare Advantage.

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When you hire your coders from us, you can skip all the HR red tape and get them straight to work on ICD 9 coding in Las Vegas NV, because we’ve already pre-screened each and every coder. Simply send us a description of your needs, and we’ll match you with experts from our network. Because our coders are already fully trained in ICD 9 coding, you can eliminate training time from your schedule. We can provide supplemental staff to support your own team of coders, or handle all coding activities for you.

ICD 9 Coding Software in Las Vegas NV

Besides making recruiting your coding staff easier, HCC Coders can also make the coding and code submission process easier through our proprietary software, HCC Navigator. This software links healthcare professionals with offsite coders by facilitating the secure online transfer of charts and other documentation. You can also audit and review the finished ICD 9 coding in Las Vegas NV on a chart-by-chart basis using HCC Navigator. When this quality control feature is utilized it helps ensure coding accuracy and maximize reimbursements.

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