Risk Adjustment Coding in Bellevue WA

HCC Coders can assist with risk adjustment coding in Bellevue WA

The CMS Risk Adjustment Model was established to help predict heath care costs. In this model, thousands of ICD 10 diagnosis codes are used to classify patients into the appropriate HCC code categories, which are in turn used to determine reimbursements. It is very important for health plan providers to ensure that they are conducting accurate and timely risk adjustment coding in Bellevue WA so that they can meet CMS requirements and receive their reimbursements for care provided to Medicare Advantage enrollees. Health plan providers can turn to HCC Coders for support in carrying out vital coding activities.

We Provide Prospective Risk Adjustment Coding in Bellevue WA

If HCC codes for all patients are not re-reported annually, health plan providers risk 6-month revenue gaps in their reimbursements. Fortunately, such a scenario can be avoided with prospective risk adjustment coding in Bellevue WA from HCC Coders. Prospective coding activities include pre-coding annual visit forms for existing plan enrollees. By working ahead in this way, health plan providers can avoid feeling so much pressure around annual coding deadlines. Prospective coding also helps improve accuracy by identifying missing codes early.

We Perform Retrospective Risk Adjustment Coding in Bellevue WA

Audits and retrospective risk adjustment coding in Bellevue WA help ensure that coding has been done correctly so that health plan providers can receive the maximum possible reimbursements. Benefits of our retrospective risk adjustment services include:

  • Validation of diagnosis codes with medical records
  • Highlighting of any key coding or documentation errors or omissions
  • Inclusion of Part C and Part D coding in HCC data capture
  • Identifying opportunities for coding improvement and education using summary reports of physician chart audits

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