Need Extra Cash for the Holidays?

Need Extra Cash for the Holidays?

Are you a medical coder with knowledge and experience as a HCC coder? If you are, then look no further! We are always looking for quality HCC coders to join our team and network for coders. With the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays upon us, having extra cash will be helpful for gifts this year! You can join us and work for some extra money. It’s always nice to give gifts to others and share in the joys of the holidays. The different holidays always involve some sort of gift giving and appreciation for the people and things around us. Having extra cash for gifts may mean that you do not have to dip into your savings or use your credit cards. Halloween involves handing out candy for kids. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to the people around us and it would be nice to give them a gift for appreciation. Christmas is usually the epitome of gift giving and includes lots and lots of gifts for family and friends.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking to employ the most experienced HCC coders in the business. At HCC Coders, we strive to offer health plan providers the ability to maximize their reimbursements. The importance of medical coding increases daily and more emphasis is placed on these types of tasks in the health care industry. We are always searching for certified coding professionals to join our network. The HCC coders we hire are experienced, knowledgeable, and quality individuals. We ensure that our network is filled with quality HCC coders to work with our healthcare plans and organizations. We link health plan providers with certified coders. We also offer coding reviews and help inform health plan providers for areas of coding improvement.

How to join our team

If you want to have extra spending cash for the holidays, but also the flexibility to work from home, apply with us. If you meet all the qualifications we mentioned and would like to be apart of our expert network, simply fill out the form online. You will need to provide your contact information, submit your resume, and tell us a little about yourself. You will be considered for upcoming coding projects that we have. To sign up to be a member of our network is free! You will be considered for numerous exciting work from home HCC coding opportunities. If you have any questions, give HCC Coders a call at 877-328-2343 today!