Looking For Help with HCC Coding? Trust the Experts at HCC Coders!

Looking For Help with HCC Coding? Trust the Experts at HCC Coders!

Let’s face it, it’s only a month into the New Year and it already feels like there just are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be completed. If you feel like you’re falling behind—the To Do List is piling up—or like you just are not completing work in the quality manner that you want to, it’s okay because hope is here! With the help of Datafied, you can reclaim your HCC coding tasks and ensure that everything is completed in an accurate and timely manner once again.

What is HCC Coders?

HCC Coders is a division of Datafied that provides assistance with medical coding, specifically HCC coding work. We’ve been in operation since 1993 and have a team of experienced coders that can help with your coding tasks.

How can HCC Coders help me?

Wondering how HCC Coders can help you? In addition to offering medical record retrieval services, we can also provide a full-featured coding and charting software program to assist with the timeliness and accuracy of your coding activities. We can provide audits of current coding to identify areas for improvement or take over your entire coding process to take it to the next level. From the validation of ICD 10 diagnosis codes to including of Part C and Part D coding in HCC data capture to prospective risk adjustment coding and physician chart audit summary reports, we do it all!

Why should I trust HCC Coders?

HCC Coders is a division of Datafied, meaning we fall under the umbrella of a trusted and reputable brand name. We don’t just fall back on our name though, we offer exemplary customer service and provide only the best staff and software to ensure that you maximize your reimbursements and are compensation for the services that have been provided! With over 26 years of experience, you can trust the expert professionals at HCC Coders.

Does HCC coding really matter in the scheme of things?

Yes! You might not think it’s a big deal, but HCC coding is essential because it affects the bottom line. Without accurate coding and documentation, it is impossible to obtain full reimbursements from Medicare Advantage. Yes, it can be difficult to comply with all of the CMS requirements for coding and submissions, but that is why you should rely on HCC Coders to help!

Add HCC Coders to your team today to maximize your reimbursements!

So, now that you know a bit more about HCC Coders, are you looking to add us to your trusted team? As a division of Datafied, you can ensure that our team is highly touted and backed by a strong reputation. Our experienced coders are some of the best in the business and we know that because we only hire professional, qualified individuals with the experience necessary to get the job done. If you are ready to learn more about HCC Coders and how we can help you get back on track with your coding work, call us today at 877-328-2343!

To learn more about the variety of services we offer, check us out on the web at HCC Coders.