Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your HCC Coding?

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Improve Your HCC Coding?

With the New Year almost upon us, are you considering making your New Year’s Resolution trying to improve your HCC coding accuracy and timeliness? If so, that’s certainly an admirable goal for the New Year. Keep reading to learn more about HCC coding and how HCC Coders can help you make your New Year’s resolution come true.

Why does HCC coding matter?

HCC coding matter because there are necessary to characterize risk, enhance shared savings, and improve your patient-focused care. These codes are also important to maximize your reimbursements, which directly impacts your bottom line.

How can I improve my coding accuracy?

So, how can you improve your coding accuracy and efficiency? Well, the first step is to ensure audit preparedness. You should build a system that includes automated analytics tools to provide coders with document clinical evidence. In addition, you should review patient data.

If you want to improve patient care you need to identify chronic illnesses, regulate costs, and detect accurate HCC risk scores for reimbursement. Leveraging technology for this will enable better data collection and evaluation so you can quickly detect missing HCC conditions.

To improve HCC coding accuracy and efficiency, you should also automate any manual processes. With today’s technology, there is no reason to still have a predominantly manual process. An automated data analysis solution can help you boost your HCC accuracy.

Who can assist with boosting the accuracy of my HCC coding?

If you need assistance with HCC coding, you can turn to the experts at HCC Coders. We have over 28 years of experience when it comes to coding and we can help you improve your coding accuracy. Our coders are all certified, dedicated, and well-versed in the HCC coding sphere. This makes them the perfect resource for your health plan, especially if you are looking to boost the accuracy and efficiency of your coding.

If you need assistance with your HCC coding, HCC Coders can help!

At HCC Coders, we know the importance of HCC coding for patient care as well as your bottom line. However, it is important to remember that HCC coding is no easy feat and takes skill and effort. If you need assistance boosting the accuracy and timeliness of your coding, contact us today at 877-328-2343 or

To learn more about the reliable and quality HCC coding services that we offer, visit us on the web at HCC Coders.