HCC Coders Provide Quality Coding Services

HCC Coders Provide Quality Coding Services

It is often disregarded, but coding is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Appropriate coding ensures proper documentation and that healthcare providers are reimbursed for the work they perform. Medical coding allows for recording of symptoms, conditions, diseases, medications, surgeries, and other aspects of medical care. Since coding is so integral, it is critical that it is done as accurately as possible. We also comply with CMS coding requirements to ensure quality coding.

HCC Coders Services

You can rest assure that you’re getting the most reimbursement you are owed. We offer a full range of different coding services to fit your need. Our coding services include:

  • Certified coders for in-house use
  • Medical record retrieval services
  • Access to HCC coding software
  • Complete, outsourced handling of all coding activities
  • In-depth, focused retrospective Chart Reviews
  • Validation of ICD 10 diagnosis codes with medical records
  • Highlighting of key coding or documentation errors or omissions
  • Inclusion of Part C and Part D coding in HCC data capture
  • Concurrent coding
  • Prospective risk adjustment coding
  • Physician Chart Audit summary reports
  • Identification of opportunities for coding improvement and education

Rely on Us for Your Coding Needs!

Trust HCC Coders for all of your coding needs. HCC Coders assists health plan providers serve Medicare Advantage populations with the risk adjustment coding services needed to succeed. Our HCC Coders can improve the speed and accuracy of all your coding activities. HCC Coders can improve the efficiency of your operation by providing coding needs. Instead of having in-house staff use valuable time on coding tasks, you can easily outsource to our team. HCC Coders can also audit your current practices to check for any errors or omissions that may be impacting your bottom line.

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HCC Coders have been providing top notch services since 1993. Whether you need simple coding tasks completed, or an overview and audit of your current projects, we are equipped to assist you. Our certified coders will work with you to ensure you get the maximum reimbursements you are entitled to. When you work with us, know that you are getting the best coding work in the industry. To learn more about what we can offer you, visit us at HCC Coders for more information. If you are ready to get started, give us a call at 877-328-2343 for all of your coding needs today!