Take Time to Review 2017 and Plan for 2018

2017 is over and we’re well into the first month of 2018. That means the holiday decorations are being shoved back into closets, attics, basements and garages, and decorative lights are being pulled off houses. Finally your neighbor is going to remove his massive inflatables whose motors droned into your bedroom window each night. You might want […]

Winter is Coming – Let HCC Coders Help You Get Prepared

Whether you like it or not, winter is upon us. We’re well into the month of December and depending on where you live and work, you might see a thick blanket of white snow covering everything. With the stress of preparing your home for the holidays and impeding winter, it’s easy to become frustrated and […]

Be Thankful for HCC Coders As Thanksgiving Rolls Around

Thanksgiving is here. That means it’s time to sit down with family and really enjoy the season. As you’re curled up on the couch watching NFL football, enjoying the company of your family and the scent of Thanksgiving dinner wafting in from the kitchen, take a few moments to consider what you’re really thankful for. […]

Don’t Let the Thought of Medical Coding Scare You This Halloween

Now that we’re well into the month of October, we’re sure you have become well aware that Halloween is upon us. Perhaps the haunted houses popping up gave it away, or maybe it was the influx of candy displays at your local grocery store. Maybe it’s the decorations scattered throughout your neighbor’s lawn or the […]

HCC Coders is Hiring Professional Medical Coders Today!

As it becomes fall and the glow of summer wears off, and you starting to look for a job? People often give themselves timelines of when to take action. Have you ever heard someone say they’re starting their diet next week? How about the people that claim they’ll start getting organized next year when they […]

The Technological Advantage of Using HCC Coders

Do you know all the ways the technology plays a role in making your life easier? Even on the drive to work this morning there have been countless examples. From traffic signals to the audio system playing your morning jams, it is apparent that technology can enhance our lives. Technology can also make our lives […]

HCC Coders is Looking for Coders to Join the Team

It’s not always easy to find a job in the current economy. However, if you are looking for a medical coding job, HCC Coders has positions to fill! We are always looking to bring quality, certified coders into the mix. If that sounds like you, then this might be the exciting job opportunity that you […]

Why the Medical Industry Needs Medical Coders to Function

There are many different aspects of the medical industry that are often overlooked. One of these, is medical coders. While people notice how doctors, nurses and even pharmacists play a role in treatment, the general public often doesn’t realize that medical coders are present. So, what is medical coding? Why do we need it and […]

Why Do Medical Reports Get Coded?

The medical coding industry is one that people often misunderstand. It can be frustrating trying to learn and understand not only the various sets of codes, but also the industry as a whole. However, medical cording is essential for medical billing and if you are looking to get reimbursed by insurance companies, your facility will […]

In 2018, CMS to Raise Medicare Advantage Payment Rates  

The medical coding industry is often tricky to navigate, but the stakes are about to get even higher. In 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are going to increase the Medicare Advantage payment rates. Health plans expect to see an average increase of .45% when the rate change goes into effect in 2018. […]